Trigo Ring Toss Game
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Trigo Ring Toss Game
Trigo Ring Toss Game
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Trigo Ring Toss Game

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TRIGO is played by 2, 3, or 4 players with the 3 Trigo Stars laid out in triangle shape, approximately 10 yards (3M) away from the throw line. Players take turns throwing the rings. The OBJECT is to throw your rings into the middle triangular space created by the Trigo Stars and score points. The additional strategy is to score points by redefining the "triangle shape" after you ring the actual star.


Play Tips:

HOW TO SET UP - Players set up 3 Trigo Stars 36" apart (1M), in a triangle shape 10' (3M) from the throw line. HOW TO PLAY - Players take turns, throwing their rings 3, behind the throw line to land within the triangular shape field. "Ring the star" - allows you to call TRIGO and gives you the ability to rethrow the star to a new position and hopefully positioning your opponents' rings no longer scoring points as the triangular field has changed! HOW TO SCORE: If one of your rings are inside, and another ring of the same color touches one inside, all of them are in. Use the Measuring Line by from the star Tip to Star tip to see if the ring is in. Several rounds are needed for the winner has been decided!



• MODERN DAY RING TOSS FOR 2 TO 4 PLAYERS – Creative and exciting new game that uses both strategy and coordination to play the game.

• TRIGO IS PLAYED OUTDOORS - - Ideally on flat ground, either on grass, sand. Trigo field dimensions: Minimum size 10" x 10' (3M x 3M) space

• KIT CONTAINS: 12 Rings total - 3 each of the 4 Colors - Grey, Green, Red and Yellow; 3 Trigo Stars; 36" (3M) Throw/Measuring line, and Measuring Stick, Storage Bag

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Age Range: 3-99 Years


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