Plant Pals



Unleash your wild side with these spooky and hilarious grass heads! 🌱🎃

Meet the Plant Pals Monsters, the grass heads that are spooky, funny, and full of personality!  We created PLANT PALS to help kids connect with nature and have fun. Grow your own Monster Buddy for the next few months with water, love, and scissors. Each one has a unique personality, story, and hangout space. Style their hair, take photos, and share them with your friends. Experience the magic of growing with Plant Pals!

Plant Pals Monsters, the hair-raising, funny, and lovable grass heads!


Here's a sneak preview at some of our Plant Pals!  (We have even more on the way!)


Introducing Hairry and Scary Sue!  Hairry is a cheerful and friendly Plant Pal who loves to play games and make jokes with his friends. He is always ready for adventure!  Scary Sue is a cute and sweet Plant Pal who likes to wear pink and be nice to everyone. She is very shy and timid, and has a secret talent for painting!  


 Each Pal is cool and fun and can scare away the boring and show their personality!