Ninja Adventure Kit 36 ft.
trelines ninja adventure line girl using slackline
trelines ninja adventure line
trelines ninja adventure line
treline ninja adventure line gym rings
trelines ninja adventure line
trelines ninja adventure line
Ninja Adventure Kit 36 ft.

Ninja Adventure Kit 36 ft.

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PLAY LIKE a NINJA! The new Trelines Ninja Adventure Line is a super popular item for shorter Ninja course 30'(10M) or less. Kit contains: 36 Line and Ratchet, 2 Monkey Bars, 2 new Tree Gym Rings, 2 Monkey Fists and 2 Multi Purpose Gym Rings, Ratchet Cover and Storage Bag, and 10 Treline Clips and Delta Carabiners.

Play Tips:

Fairly easy set up with no tools needed, except 6' Step Ladder. - Testing your tree strength to make sure safe to use. - Select the location and measure the distance line length you are needing. - Take down the line in off season - to protect against weathering.- Go to our You Tube Channel for more tips.


  • The Ninja Adventure Line will also encourage your children to play and use their imagination for hours on end outside in the fresh air.
  • Kit contains: 36’ line and heavy duty Ratchet, 2 Monkey Bars, 2 new Tree Holds, 2 Monkey Fists,2 Gym Rings, Ratchet Cover, 8 Delta Carabiners & Line Clips that allow you to attach obstacles anywhere on line.
  • Conveniently install the kits between 2 healthy trees, up to approximately 30’ or posts and store it in our handy drawstring backpack for easy storage.
  • Then, whenever your kids want to train, set up the course in your backyard, a nearby park or even when you’re on vacation.
  • Easy to add additional accessories- Climbing Rope and/or Ladder, swings, etc.
  • Holds up to 250 lbs
  • Ages 5+

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