trelines classic slackline
trelines slackline
trelines classic slackline
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trelines slackline for kids

Classic Slackline - 50 Ft.

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Slacklining has become a popular trend and recognized sport for kids 6 + to adults over the last 10 years. • KIT CONTAINS: 50-foot 2" slackline with heavy duty metal ratchet, ratchet cover, 50" teaching line w/ ratchet and storage bag.

Play Tips:

Fairly easy set up with no tools needed, except 6' Step Ladder. - Testing your tree strength to make sure safe to use. - Select the location and measure the distance line length you are needing. - Take down the line in off season - to protect against weathering.- Go to our You Tube Channel for more tips.


  • KIT CONTAINS: 50-foot 2 inch slackline with reinforced loops, with heavy duty custom metal ratchet with safety lock, rubber grip ergonomically designed handle allows comfortable and efficient tensioning, ratchet cover, 50" teaching line with ratchet and storage bag.
  • WHY SLACKLINING: Slacklining has become a popular trend and recognized sport for kids 6+ to adults over the last 10 years. Many like the challenge and make the commitment to practice, and improve with patience and focus to walk the line! • BALANCE AND CORE STRENGTH: Many athletes and health conscious individuals know that working on their balance and core strength is important. • EASY SET UP: Setting up a slackline is fairly easy once you learn how to use a ratchet. Set up height is calculated by estimating the knee height for shortest person slacklining - i.e. 20" . Attach ratchet at 20" on both trees. So if a person loses their balance they have only a small step down to the ground.
  • TEACHING LINE INCLUDED: Bonus 50-foot teaching 1" line and ratchet is used to attach above the person so they can reach up if needed to help learn to balance and walk the line.

For ages 5+; max. weight 400 lbs.

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