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Jumbo 3 Games in 1 - Chess, Checkers, and Backgammon

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3 CLASSIC BOARD GAMES - Backgammon, Chess, and Checkers/Draughts all in ONE KIT & POPULAR JUMBO SIZE -which allows single or multiple players on each side of game.
Kit Includes: 75 Total Pieces, 2 Large Playing Mats - and durable storage bag. Great to use indoors or Outside!

Play Tips:

EASY SET UP- just choose the location and make sure there is space 6' x 6' to play. Fun indoors or outside. Mats have waterproof backing and also include ground stakes to keep games stable in the outdoors. STORAGE BAG INCLUDED. Can only play 1 game at a time.


Backgammon, Chess, and Checkers

• JUMBO GAMES ARE POPULAR: Larger games get more players involved and can play together. CAN BE PLAYED ANYWHERE: Perfect for the game room, backyard, beach, schools and anywhere you want to have fun challenging game.

• INNOVATIVE INTERCHANGEABLE DESIGNED PARTS: Blow molded Chess pieces ( bases) can be used to play both Checkers and Backgammon! 

• KIT INCLUDES: 16 White/Black Chess Pieces, or 32 Checkers or Backgammon pieces, 4 Dice (Backgammon), 2 ea. 4 Color Printed Mats - Size 70" x 62”, 4 Ground Stakes, durable storage bag. Great to use Indoors or Outside!

• 75 total pieces

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